“Health is more than the
absence of Disease. Health
is living with Purpose,
Meaning and Passion.”
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Cappy's Cocina in El Valle de Anton, Republica de Panama, is devoted to
improving health through the preparation and eating of fresh, natural foods that are
attractive to both the eye and the palate! For all you non-Spanish speakers,
"Cocina" is Spanish for "Kitchen"

We have
Recipes and tips on great ways to create meals and snacks that fill you
up not fill you out.

Eating fresh locally grown food is the greatest gift you can give yourself and your
family. Not only will you find yourself feeling better, you will soon learn what
Socrates meant when he said "Let food be your medicine, and medicine be your

Try some of our delicious
All Natural Nut Butter  blends for that perfect,
nutritious snack anytime of the day.

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